Auto Body Shop Little Rock

For the best auto body shop Little Rock has to offer, look no further than Golden Collision Center.

If you are concerned about structural repairs to your heavily damaged vehicle, we have  just the right equipment and training.

Our Blackhawk Power-Pro 3000 will return all of your frame alignments back to Factory specifications. How do we know? We measure your automobile using the most advanced technology available. Our Shark measuring system uses ultra-sound to measure your vehicle down to the millimeter.

Our new Blackhawk High Frequency Inverter Welder reproduces factory type spot welds in the repair of your vehicle. This ensures quality and durability in the repair process.

Now that is the equipment you need for a quality repair!

We have the best equipment for collision repair Little Rock has seen!

Auto Body Shop Little Rock REPAIR PROCESS:

Repairing vehicles to their “like-new” condition, efficiently, and with little hassle, is our priority. Golden Collision Center’s staff is dedicated to moving your vehicle through the following repair process as seamlessly as possible. To ensure high quality repairs and customer service, Golden Collision Center has built in several quality control checkpoints along the way. Although no two accidents or repairs are exactly alike, each vehicle follows a general multi-step repair process.

Preliminary Estimate

Customers are given an initial estimate based on visible damage. Not all damage is visible at this phase and additional damage may or may not be found during the repair process. Customers can now schedule a repair date and parts will be ordered accordingly.


If you are involving an insurance company, that carrier will need to approve the initial repair estimate. Once approved, we can begin to disassemble your vehicle to determine if there is any hidden damage.


Your vehicle is inspected for any further hidden damage once disassembly occurs. Your insurance carrier may need to be re-contacted for approval if additional damage is discovered.


After the approval of any hidden damage, we order any remaining parts from the appropriate vendors. The repair process begins once all necessary parts have arrived.


Once we determine that the frame of your vehicle meets original factory specifications, we proceed with the next phase of repair.

Bodyauto body shop little rock mechanic welding

This is when your vehicle begins to take shape. Our certified auto body shop Pinnacle technicians follow industry standards to return your vehicle’s safety, function and appearance.


Using a state-of-the-art color matching system including an electronic camera for color matching, Sikken’s Waterborne paint is applied and baked to a factory type finish.


After painting is complete the car is reassembled and goes thru a final quality control inspection before heading to the clean up process.


We want to make sure your car looks beautiful again, so we take the extra step of cleaning it for your arrival.


Once you arrive at the auto body shop Crystal Hill, a member of our customer service team will review your lifetime warranty with you and provide you with a copy of all work performed on your vehicle.